The Importance of Investigating IRS Records in Determining Best IRS Issue Resolution to Use

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Why does Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC Perform Detail Research on Client’s IRS Records First?

A vital piece in how Harmon Tax Resolution provides clients with ideal solutions starts with a complete research of existing IRS account records and getting a good handle on your financial picture. This is done at the beginning of the engagement, usually within 7-10 days of the IRS granting access. All clients receive an initial investigation, which provides a basis for determining the best solution for your situation. It would be improper to suggest a resolution format without doing this first. How could anyone provide correct directions unless they know exactly where the starting point is?

What are we looking to find out by researching your IRS files?

  • Where are you within the IRS Collection Process? Are you still in the Notice of Deficiency period? Have Collections escalated to Automated Collections Systems (ASC)? Is a Revenue Officer (RO) assigned to the account? Do you have compliance issues such as unfiled tax returns? This information is critical for developing the best resolution for your case.

  • Which years are in issue, and what are the applicable Collection Statute Expiration Dates? From the tax assessment date, the IRS ordinarily has a ten-year statute of limitations to collect the tax. Knowing when the collection statute expires for a particular tax debt will play a key role in determining what potential resolution you may qualify for, such as an Offer in Compromise or a  Partial Pay Installment Plan. It could be that the tax debt is now out of the collection statute period.

  • To determine if any compliance issues could prevent an IRS resolution option. IRS requires that you filed your tax returns for the last six years to be compliant. We can prepare your unfiled returns with information the IRS has reported.

  • Did the IRS prepare a Substitute for Returns (SFR)? If so, your tax debt could also include an IRS-prepared return in substitute for an unfiled return based on information the IRS has available. The problem with SFRs is that the IRS does not apply credits and deductions you may be eligible which could result in much higher tax debt, including penalties and interest based on this balance. We want to make sure this is uncovered so that we can correct it.

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You can trust Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC to thoroughly analyze your IRS records to ensure that you are afforded the best resolution possible for your case. An experienced tax attorney-CPA-IRS EA, Will Harmon, will handle your case from start to finish. He will do the heavy lifting so that you do not have to. Call 772-418-0949 today so that you can sleep well tonight!

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