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Your IRS Tax Debt Is Over 50K

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Once you have surpassed the 50K threshold, you’re in hot water with the IRS. A Revenue Officer will be assigned to your account. Their sole purpose is to collect; they utilize all tools and become very aggressive. They will start to initiate collection activities if you don’t come to some form of agreement with them regarding how to address the tax debt. As of this point, you WILL now be subject to:

  • Liens on current and future property and rights to property that will limit your ability to sell or leverage from.
  • Levies on bank accounts, thus preventing you from accessing your own money!
  • Garnishment of wages suddenly; your paycheck plans just went out the window!
  • Property foreclosures/seizures – Some personal possessions could be seized and sold. Even your home could be at risk.
  • Passport Revocation and Denial. Imagine going to the airport and having your passport pulled, leaving you stranded, or not being able to get approved for one. You could be subject to this once your tax debt goes beyond 52K.

You can no longer ignore the IRS without severe consequences, especially since they are increasing their collection staff. However, reaching out to the IRS without knowing your rights, understanding the complexities of the IRS, determining what tax relief options you may qualify for, and going about it in the best way possible may result in a poor outcome for you. At this level of tax debt, getting the proper representation for you is crucial. Your situation is unique, and it needs to be addressed by a tax professional who can thoroughly understand

Only a licensed attorney, a licensed CPA, or an IRS Enrolled Agent can represent you in front of the IRS. Each type has its specialties that others may lack. Often, tax problems are multifaceted, requiring the best skill of all three types. If you are wondering which type to call, NO WORRIES, contact me, Will Harmon of Harmon Tax Resolution (HTR), since I happen to be ALL THREE – FL licensed TAX ATTORNEY-CPA & IRS Enrolled Agent. Call 772-418-0949 for a FREE consultation to determine what your best options are.

My mission is to find the best solution to your tax problem. The IRS’s primary mission is to ensure you pay as much tax as possible, and they WILL USE ALL means at their disposal to collect. You wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer. With so much on the line, why also deal with the IRS without one? Reaching out to them alone could worsen your situation because what you tell them could be used against you. Having Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC represent you will avoid this.


Three-Step Process to Tax Problem Resolution

A Free 20-minute Consultation is provided to review your situation and IRS tax problem. A determination is made whether a good representation fit is in available.

Step 1: Investigation – Completely analyze your situation by pulling appropriate IRS records -the same records used against you, thoroughly gathering your financial information- to establish resolution metrics, and reviewing personal events which could be used to advocate with. to identify the best resolution for your case. If there are compliance issues, such as unfiled returns, these will also need to be addressed.

Best Deal

Everyone’s tax issues are unique; therefore, a thorough investigation of your case’s facts and circumstances should be needed to determine which resolution fits well. HTR will break things down into simple terms and show you the pros and cons of all available solutions to demonstrate which works best for your situation. HTR will establish your best tax resolution deal.

BEWARE I – Having Incorrect Resolution Applied – Don’t Be Fooled:

Some tax resolution companies will push an Offer In Compromise resolution on you under the guise that they will save you pennies on the dollar on your tax debt and do so without having done any real investigation and demonstration on why it would be successful and why this the best option for you. Considering barely over 30% of Offers get approved. The fee for this service tends to be higher than the other resolution options; it would be wise to ensure you make an informed decision, which, without an investigation, makes it very unlikely. Even if you can get approved for OIC, it may not be the best option for your situation! With HTR, you will make a completely informed decision from having a 3-1 Attorney-CPA-EA review and investigate your case versus some salesperson working on a commission and trying to push the highest fee package on you. Here are the main resolutions available:

  • Installment Agreement (I/A) — You pay the entire balance you owe through a monthly installment plan.
  • Partial Pay Installment Agreement (PPIA) — If you can prove that you are unable to fully pay the outstanding tax debt balance within the remaining time the IRS must collect the tax – referred to as Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED), the IRS provides an affordable monthly plan until CSED expires. Any remaining balance will be written off.
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC) — negotiate settlement payment to the IRS for less than you owe on the tax debt in exchange for unpaid balance write-off.
  • Currently Not Collectible (CNC): You establish that you cannot pay basic living expenses and IRS tax debt, and the IRS halts collection efforts. The IRS will review the case at least once every six months to 2 years to determine if you still have the required financial hardship that qualifies you for CNC.
    Make sure your resolution fits your situation. HTR will ensure it does.

BEWARE II: The IRS’s Mission is Not to Help You Pay Less:

If you call the IRS expecting to receive guidance and instructions on facilitating a tax resolution program that will benefit you the most, THINK AGAIN! They will most likely try to get you into a payment that will be extremely hard to follow. The nightmare will continue.

Regarding investigations, theirs is to prove the maximum amount of money you can pay in the shortest time possible. They will not instruct you on how to maximize your position. They will not try to abate penalties you may be qualified to have abated. Unless you speak IRS language and know the rules of engagement with them, you are at a disadvantage! In addition, whatever you reveal to them can be used against you. I know how they are and how to deal with them appropriately in your best interest.

Step 2: Implementation. If there are any unfiled tax returns, these must be done. HTR can handle this if needed. The tax resolution plan is implemented and negotiated with the IRS. Under the Power of Attorney authorized by you, tax attorney-CPA-EA handles all IRS communication and advocates for the best tax treatment available under IRS administrative law. If the IRS assigns a Revenue Officer to your case, HTR will deal directly with them, so you don’t have to. All IRS correspondence will come to HTR and be handled accordingly. Proper defenses and case escalation within the IRS will be raised as needed. You are kept in the loop the whole time.

HTR speaks IRS language and knows IRS protocols and IRS tax law, so you don’t have to and can focus on other things. It’s to your advantage to have seasoned tax attorney-CPA-EA Will Harmon represent you!

Step 3: Resolution Completion. Time to put this to rest and sleep well again! Make sure to stay compliant.

HTR can help end your IRS nightmare so you can get back to sleeping well at night. You are highly encouraged to take action now to avoid this from escalating into a situation where the IRS WILL employ HARSHER COLLECTION ACTIVITIES AGAINST YOU! To prevent this, call 772-418-0949. Why You Should

Why Choose HTR

To ensure that you align yourself with the best possible tax resolution outcome, have an experienced tax professional provide expert guidance to get you there. Call today (772-418-0949) or complete an online inquiry form for a free consultation with experienced IRS Resolution Tax Attorney-CPA-EA, Will Harmon of Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC. He will handle your IRS tax issue so you can put this behind you and do what matters most.

Our Client Reviews

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I put my trust in him and I so happy I did. He was great about keeping me informed and did what he said he was going to do. I will recommend Harmon Tax services to any one that need it. Plus I will always use him if I ever need him again. Great...

Paul F.

Unexpectedly, I received an IRS notice stating I had a balance of over $124,000. The IRS debt was very impactful and made me very worried that I could not sleep at night. I sought help from Will. He was able to research and identify the issue...

Joseph B.

For many years of having a small real estate rental business, I started to have many issues with IRS. In desperation I started searching for a Tax Accountant and Attorney. I remarkably came across Will Harmon, and have been very happy and...

Deborah W.

I had a pressing IRS issue that I could not resolve with the IRS. I employed tax attorney CPA Will Harmon to fix this. He immediately addressed the issue with the IRS and another 3rd party, so I did not have to, allowing me to focus on other...

Brant G.

Attorney Will Harmon provided excellent, trusted representation for me across several issues. There were facets of my situation that required a combination of skillsets, which Will happens to have. In addition to being an attorney, he is also a...

Jason M.

Absolute pleasure to deal with! IRS came down on me for something i didn't even do. Will took on the task and knocked it out faster than i imagined. Absolutely pleased! Definitely recommend using him for your needs!

Greg S.

Mr. Harmon is a gentleman always conducted himself in a professional manner. He is very knowledgeable and organized. I can sincerely say he is always a pleasure. He’s an excellent conversationalist and goes out of his way to give his clients the...

Danny A.

Will Harmon is excellent at what he does and Harmon Associates is the place to go. He is a fantastic person and an expert in taxes and law. Harmon Associates is the best place to go to get excellent results and absolutely excellent service. I...

Lisa R.

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