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Tax Debt FAQs in Port Saint Lucie

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If you’re stressing over tax debt and have been contacted by the IRS, you are not alone. As a Port Saint Lucie tax attorney CPA IRS-EA, I am here to help. Even though it might feel like you have no options and must capitulate to the IRS, there are solutions to every tax problem. We can help you as we have helped other clients resolve their tax issues. When you are ready to face your tax issue, you can be sure that we’ll get you started on the right path by letting you know if we can help your case.

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It Is Important to Know Basic Tax Debt Facts

Knowing basic tax debt facts is crucial if you are engaging the IRS. Knowing your rights will help you feel more secure in your situation and may also reduce stress. You may be in a very challenging position, but you should know that a skilled Port Saint Lucie tax lawyer, CPA IRS EA, should be able to help determine your best options.

If you need a tax attorney, CPA IRS EA, who understands what you’re going through, Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC is your tax resolution firm. Call (772) 418-0949 today to get the process started.

The Following Are Among the Most Frequently Asked Questions Among Those Who Seek Our Help:

Will the IRS Negotiate Back Taxes?
It is possible. An IRS offer in compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. It may be a legitimate option if you can't pay your full tax liability or if doing so creates a financial hardship. The IRS will consider your unique facts and circumstances based on your ability to pay within the statutory time frame. Having a tax attorney CPA – EA could go a long way toward helping determine if you are eligible and, if so, properly navigate you through the entire process. Only about 42% of offers get approved because many offers are not being completed correctly by either making errors or not utilizing the tax code fully when completing.
Do You Need a Lawyer to Negotiate With IRS?
You have the legal right to represent yourself before the IRS, but most taxpayers have determined that professional help, such as specialized attorneys, accountants, or enrolled agents who are experienced in helping taxpayers resolve unpaid tax debts, can significantly impact your odds of reaching an acceptable. Tax attorney Will Harmon is also a licensed CPA and Enrolled Agent ensuring your case gets the complete coverage it deserves.
Why Seek Professional Tax Help?
You have the option of dealing with your tax issues independently with the IRS; however, you will most likely incur a great deal of frustration. It often starts with the guaranteed wait time on the phone but without guarantees of a successful resolution once you finally speak to an IRS official. Tax Attorney-CPAs have available processes for going about the tax resolution processes, which will most likely lead to better outcomes with less aggravation. The tax system is complex, and a multifaceted tax attorney-CPA-IRS EA has significant training to navigate tax rules and regulations properly. If you haven't been through that level of training and education, you are unlikely to get very far fighting penalties. Hiring a tax attorney CPA – IRS EA means you are closer to success.
How Far Back Can an IRS Audit Go?
Often, it depends on what the IRS finds during the initial audit. Typically, the IRS is limited to examining the past three years of tax returns during an audit. However, if the IRS finds an error during an audit, they can go back six years. In some cases, they can go farther back, but anything beyond six years is rare.
How Does the IRS Decide Who to Audit?
Knowing how the IRS makes its selections for audit could help lower your chance of being audited because the majority of taxpayers who receive an audit have something suspicious in their return that triggers a closer inspection. For example, if one reports income or expenses well outside national averages. The IRS has many millions of returns to derive data from to produce standard averages, thus allowing them to employ statistical models for almost every size and type of business. IRS also looks at drastic changes in income and deductions. In addition, drastic income changes. If your revenue suddenly takes a nosedive, the IRS is sure to notice and will scrutinize your itemized deductions. Also, if your W2 and 1099s information reported on your return do not match 3rd party reporting, you will likely be chosen for an audit.
Who Can Represent Me Before the IRS?
Only certain professionals are authorized to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. That list includes CPAs, Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents. Will Harmon is all three, ensuring complete representation from all angles.
What Would Cause the IRS to Audit My Tax Returns?
Some audit selections are purely random, whereas most stem from how items have been reported on Schedule C, such as expenses, home office deductions, certain types of business expenditures, mathematical errors.
How Long Does the IRS Have to Collect Back Taxes?
Generally, the IRS has ten years from when your tax is assessed to pursue the tax. After that, they are prohibited. It is essential to file timely to avoid delays during the assessment period.
What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Multi-Licensed Tax Professional?
We have an unparalleled perspective and cross-training in tax accounting and law, enabling us to view tax and financial problems from every angle.
Why Do I Need an Attorney?
These situations are intimidating. Everything – your well-being is on the line when you fail to pay your taxes correctly. With the help of an attorney-CPA-EA, you can ensure that your taxes are accurate and timely filed. An attorney-CPA-EA can help you determine how to pay and whether a payment plan might be the best solution. We'll make sure that all deductions are properly made so that you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. An attorney CPA EA will ensure you are not pushed around by IRS tactics. We will help you navigate these IRS tactics with confidence.
What Does a Tax Attorney Do?
Tax attorneys help their clients navigate and comply with the complex system of tax codes. They also represent clients in tax disputes.

Our Client Reviews

Read our tax lawyer reviews to see what customers have to say about our Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC.

I put my trust in him and I so happy I did. He was great about keeping me informed and did what he said he was going to do. I will recommend Harmon Tax services to any one that need it. Plus I will always use him if I ever need him again. Great...

Paul F.

Unexpectedly, I received an IRS notice stating I had a balance of over $124,000. The IRS debt was very impactful and made me very worried that I could not sleep at night. I sought help from Will. He was able to research and identify the issue...

Joseph B.

For many years of having a small real estate rental business, I started to have many issues with IRS. In desperation I started searching for a Tax Accountant and Attorney. I remarkably came across Will Harmon, and have been very happy and...

Deborah W.

I had a pressing IRS issue that I could not resolve with the IRS. I employed tax attorney CPA Will Harmon to fix this. He immediately addressed the issue with the IRS and another 3rd party, so I did not have to, allowing me to focus on other...

Brant G.

Attorney Will Harmon provided excellent, trusted representation for me across several issues. There were facets of my situation that required a combination of skillsets, which Will happens to have. In addition to being an attorney, he is also a...

Jason M.

Absolute pleasure to deal with! IRS came down on me for something i didn't even do. Will took on the task and knocked it out faster than i imagined. Absolutely pleased! Definitely recommend using him for your needs!

Greg S.

Mr. Harmon is a gentleman always conducted himself in a professional manner. He is very knowledgeable and organized. I can sincerely say he is always a pleasure. He’s an excellent conversationalist and goes out of his way to give his clients the...

Danny A.

Will Harmon is excellent at what he does and Harmon Associates is the place to go. He is a fantastic person and an expert in taxes and law. Harmon Associates is the best place to go to get excellent results and absolutely excellent service. I...

Lisa R.

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