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Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC is a tax law firm dedicated to helping taxpayers throughout Port St. Lucie resolve their IRS tax debts. The IRS is only concerned about how and when this tax debt will be paid. Putting this off will only incur additional penalties, interest, and escalation of IRS collection procedures such as garnishments and or levies. The IRS offers various debt solutions for different situations, one of which certain taxpayers may be eligible for is the Offer in Compromise (OIC). An OIC allows you to pay your tax debt for less than the entire amount owed if it could be proven that paying the full amount would be a hardship.   Since an OIC is very rule-oriented and taxpayer situationally specific, it would be very beneficial to seek the advice of a multifaceted tax attorney CPA EA to determine if this is the best option for you. There could be other options that are less costly and easier to implement and have a greater chance of success than an OIC would in your situation. Therefore, the best option would be to have the proper counsel of tax attorney-CPA-IRS EA Will Harmon, who will address your case from all angles, resulting in a solution that fits your situation.   

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What Is an Offer in Compromise?

An offer in compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles the taxpayer's tax liabilities for less than the total amount they owe. Generally, the IRS will not accept an OIC if they believe the liability can be paid in full (either as a lump sum or a periodic payment plan).

The IRS may accept an OIC for any of the following reasons:

  • There is doubt as to liability, which is when there is a real dispute about the existence or amount of the correct tax debt. Employing a Tax Attorney CPA-IRS Enrolled Agent would go a long way toward navigating the complex tax code provisions to demonstrate whether the tax code has been misapplied and to advocate this position effectively with the IRS.
  • There is doubt as to collectability or doubt that the amount owed is fully collectible. This occurs in cases where your assets and income are less than the full amount of the tax liability. To be considered for this offer, you must make a reasonable offer based on what the IRS considers your actual ability to pay. This option is the most frequently chosen and requires extensive understanding of how to work the guidelines to the maximum potential benefit.
  • There is effective tax administration, which is when there is no doubt that the tax is legally owed and that the full amount owed can be collected, but requiring payment in full would either create an economic hardship for you or would be unfair and inequitable because of exceptional circumstances. A multifaceted Tax Attorney CPA EA who could help construct, present, and advocate on your behalf would ensure that your case is presented to the IRS in the best manner possible.

Acceptance of Your Offer and How We Can Help

If you meet all the offer terms listed in your plan, such as filing all required tax returns and making all your payments, your offer may be accepted. 

For tax return needs, we can help since we are also expert tax preparers. At Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC, we have a CPA/Enrolled Agent who can handle this step for you. We will also review your prior returns to ensure that your tax liability is computed correctly. If the IRS took the initiative to prepare some of your prior tax returns, we would redo them to ensure that all tax allowances have been taken since the IRS is not required to do so when preparing your returns. Having your IRS-prepared returns redone may also alleviate some of the tax burdens. 

Client Reviews

  • He explains everything in terms that I can understand and make tax decisions.

    Will, has been my trusted tax advisor for many years.

  • He is very knowledgeable and organized.

    Mr. Harmon is a gentleman who always professionally conducted himself. He is very knowledgeable and organized. I can sincerely say he is always a pleasure. He’s an excellent conversationalist and goes out of his way to give his clients the best service. I would highly recommend him. He’s my attorney, and I also consider him a friend, my wife shares my opinion as well he’s a true gentleman.

  • I am grateful to Will for his professional ability to fix this for me.

    “I highly recommend him to those who have IRS issues to be resolved.”

  • We had to go through some hurdles, but I knew the situation was in good hands. He was always accessible.

    “Will successfully took care of a stressful IRS tax issue for me. He was able to negotiate a favorable deal.”

  • He did an excellent job guiding me through the complicated process.

    “I appreciated his vast knowledge of business and law from his professional experience.”


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