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What are IRS Tax Relief Services, and when would I choose a Professional Tax Relief Firm?

Situations when it is ideal to request help from a Professional Tax Relief Firm:

  • You received a notification from IRS indicating you owe taxes.
  • The IRS is acting against you for taxes you owe.
  • You have unfiled tax returns resulting in tax liability.

If the IRS is left to its own devices, the IRS will assess any back taxes you may owe them at the highest legal rate possible and charge you the maximum penalties and interest allowable. The IRS will use whatever means it has at its disposal to equate to the highest payment from your income and even includes the equity of your asset in its determination. However, there are ways in which you can challenge the IRS’s decisions and ensure the IRS employs fair tactics and acts professionally. Having the resources of a tax attorney-CPA-IRS EA can help level the playing field.

Leveling the playing field is where Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC, an experienced professional tax relief firm, comes in. The firm will adequately address your tax situation by determining the correctness of IRS assessments and identifying which qualifying IRS tax relief program fits your situation. You will deal directly with a multi-licensed Tax attorney-CPA-IRS Enrolled Agent, addressing your tax problems from every angle, ensuring nothing gets overlooked.

Why Should I Not Just Deal Directly with the IRS Regarding my Tax Issue?

Although it is not impossible to work directly with the IRS, provided you can get through to the correct person there and have procedural knowledge of how the IRS operates and an understanding of tax law. The IRS will inform you of some available options. However, the IRS will not disclose your best option. Using self-help in coming up with a tax resolution will most likely result in your having to pay the entire IRS-assessed tax liability but may have to do so with the equity from your assets, which otherwise you may not have had to. If you lack assets, the IRS may enforce other drastic collection apparatus such as bank levies or wage garnishments. By employing Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC, you will gain the power of a three-in-one multi-licensed tax attorney-CPA-IRS EA to thoroughly review the IRS’s position and make challenges as needed. Employing Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC will ensure that your tailored resolution plan will prevent you from unnecessarily paying more, allowing you to hold on to more of your resources rather than giving them to the IRS.

What are the Main Scenarios Leading To Tax Issues?

The IRS’s primary function is the collection of taxes. Many scenarios often result in your not paying the IRS or timely responding to their notices. The amount of taxes you owe, where you are within the IRS collection cycle, and the variety of tax issues will determine the urgency and severity of your situation.

Tax issues primarily consist of three types:

  1. You have additional taxes and penalties due to IRS assessment from an audited tax which reflects errors on your tax return.
  2. You have a tax liability with the IRS, have been unresponsive to their notices, and possibly, the IRS has acted against you. Now you need representation assistance.
  3. You have not filed your tax returns and/or owe taxes, although the IRS has not reached out to you yet.

The above items are just the most common ones taxpayers often face, therefor is not an all-inclusive list. Due to the tax code’s complexities, many other ways to fall out of compliance exist. Regardless of the tax issue involved, there is one thing constant. The situation only gets worse over time. The IRS is one of the most rapacious creditors with powerful abilities to not only severely penalize and charge interest on entire overdue amounts (tax and penalties) but elevate the situation to where they can lien, levy, and garnish your wages and assets. Ultimately, the IRS can even foreclose on your properties. Addressing your tax issues as soon as possible is the best approach if you have a solid and correct plan. Good intentions may not lead to good results if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the IRS Internal Revenue Manual (IRS’s playbook) and Internal Revenue Code (tax law). It pays to hire someone who does.

Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC Will Deliver the Best Possible Results While Tenaciously Representing Your Rights Towards Aggressive IRS Collections

Be careful because not all tax resolution firms are the same. There are many out there that will not perform a proper, thorough investigation of all the facts specific to your case and end up developing a cookie-cutter-like fashion plan –where everyone’s matter falls into a few different categories resulting in a possible missed opportunity to get the best resolution possible. This could be costly, and you will most likely not be aware that a better option existed or that the one you used was not optimized for your specific situation.

Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC will thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding your DISTINCT tax issues on a personal and individual basis and resolve your tax liability based on the facts and circumstances of your DISTINCT case. Your case will be handled solely by a three-in-one tax attorney-CPA-IRS Enrolled Agent to ensure nothing gets overlooked. Your matter matters!

Advantages of Employing Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC

  • Your case is resolved by a multi-licensed tax attorney-CPA-IRS EA assuring your matter deserves complete representation.
  • Free initial consultations.
  • Affordable payment plans are available.
  • Timely and privileged communications.
  • Our customers speak highly of our services.

Employing a professional tax resolution firm can be the best cost-saving strategy. Since the IRS can use aggressive collection tactics, which will only significantly worsen the situation, a tax resolution action must be needed. A seasoned, experienced tax professional such as a multi-licensed Tax attorney-CPA-IR EA, Will Harmon of Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC, can guide you through every step to ensure you get the best outcome for your situation. The initial consultation is free. You can take control of your situation. Call today so that you can sleep well tonight! 772-418-0949

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