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Tax Liens and Levies

Harmon Tax Resolution
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Tax Levies & Liens

If you have outstanding tax debt and no apparent resolution, the IRS can execute tax liens or levies against you. Either of these actions goes beyond just owing the IRS money; it is the actual IRS enforcement action to collect on the tax debt. With liens and levies, you could see your monetary assets are taken, and your legal claim to current and future properties diminished significantly to the IRS as a creditor.

Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC is committed to helping our clients who face harsh circumstances such as liens or levies. Attorney-CPA-IRS EA, Will Harmon, can act on your behalf, but you must contact him to start the process as soon as possible.

Can I Get a Levy or Lien Removed?

When the IRS initiates a tax lien, creditors are notified that your property has an IRS claim against it. The IRS now has creditor rights. The IRS credit rights apply not only to current assets you may have, such as your home and vehicles but also to any new property you acquire after the lien has been filed. This can have a detrimental effect on your ability to take out a loan, refinance a property, and even buy or sell a home can be nearly impossible. Even though the IRS no longer reports liens to credit agencies, the liens are public records that are often looked at by potential creditors.

Once the IRS initiates a bank levy, you may be denied access to funds in your bank accounts. Your accounts are frozen; the IRS could seize these funds to pay down the tax debt, including associated interest and penalties. Without a doubt, this can severely impact you and your family’s well-being.

The tax attorney-CPA-EA, Will Harmon from Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC, understands how impactful this can be towards your life, and he wants to help — but the longer you wait to contact him, the longer and more complex a resolution may be. Call him today at 772-418-0949 to discuss how you can overcome the tax lien or levy situation so you can sleep better tonight.

Our Client Reviews

Read our tax lawyer reviews to see what customers have to say about our Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC.

I put my trust in him and I so happy I did. He was great about keeping me informed and did what he said he was going to do. I will recommend Harmon Tax services to any one that need it. Plus I will always use him if I ever need him again. Great...

Paul F.

Unexpectedly, I received an IRS notice stating I had a balance of over $124,000. The IRS debt was very impactful and made me very worried that I could not sleep at night. I sought help from Will. He was able to research and identify the issue...

Joseph B.

For many years of having a small real estate rental business, I started to have many issues with IRS. In desperation I started searching for a Tax Accountant and Attorney. I remarkably came across Will Harmon, and have been very happy and...

Deborah W.

I had a pressing IRS issue that I could not resolve with the IRS. I employed tax attorney CPA Will Harmon to fix this. He immediately addressed the issue with the IRS and another 3rd party, so I did not have to, allowing me to focus on other...

Brant G.

Attorney Will Harmon provided excellent, trusted representation for me across several issues. There were facets of my situation that required a combination of skillsets, which Will happens to have. In addition to being an attorney, he is also a...

Jason M.

Absolute pleasure to deal with! IRS came down on me for something i didn't even do. Will took on the task and knocked it out faster than i imagined. Absolutely pleased! Definitely recommend using him for your needs!

Greg S.

Mr. Harmon is a gentleman always conducted himself in a professional manner. He is very knowledgeable and organized. I can sincerely say he is always a pleasure. He’s an excellent conversationalist and goes out of his way to give his clients the...

Danny A.

Will Harmon is excellent at what he does and Harmon Associates is the place to go. He is a fantastic person and an expert in taxes and law. Harmon Associates is the best place to go to get excellent results and absolutely excellent service. I...

Lisa R.

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