What Is Joint Liability Tax Relief?

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Joint Tax Reliability Relief

What Is Relief from Joint Liability? Do I Qualify for Relief from Joint Liability?

In the case of a joint return, both taxpayers are liable for the tax and any interest or penalties, even if they later separate or divorce. "Joint and several liability" means that each taxpayer is legally responsible for the entire liability. This is true regardless of who earned the income or if a divorce decree states that a former spouse is or is not responsible for any amounts due on previously filed joint returns. In some cases, however, a spouse who filed joint returns can receive relief from joint and several liability.

The Four Types of Joint Liability Tax Relief:

Innocent Spouse Relief: Provides relief from additional tax if a spouse or former spouse failed to report income or claimed improper deductions.

Separation of Liability Relief: Provides for allocating additional tax owed between the taxpayer and his spouse or former spouse because an item was not reported correctly on a joint return. The tax allocated to the taxpayer is the amount for which he is responsible.

Equitable Relief: This May apply when a taxpayer does not qualify for innocent spouse relief or separation of liability relief for items not reported properly on a joint return and generally attributable to the taxpayer's spouse. A taxpayer may also qualify for equitable relief if the correct amount of tax is reported on his joint return, but the tax remains unpaid.

Injured Spouse Relief: This May apply when a taxpayer's refund is offset due to prior activities/debts incurred by the other spouse for which the taxpayer had no responsibility.

How To Get the Type of Joint Relief You Are Qualified For

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Let Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC help you see if you qualify for joint spouse relief so that you will not be unfairly burdened with another's tax liability. There is a time limit to when one can apply for some of these types of relief. For help, contact Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC immediately so that Will Harmon, tax attorney-CPA-EA, will ensure that all elements of your situation are adequately addressed to see if you qualify for the relief you deserve.

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