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What Are IRS Tax Resolution Services?

Harmon Tax Resolution

When Do I Need To Seek IRS Tax Resolution?

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This is one of those questions you hope you never have to ask. However, since taxes are an unavoidable part of life and, at some point, most of us will have to deal with the IRS in some capacity, it may be prudent to understand when it would be ideal to seek tax resolution assistance. Typically, here are the situations where IRS tax resolution relief is needed:

  • The IRS is acting toward you for taxes they have assessed against you.
  • You have unfiled returns on where you would owe taxes on. Failing to file taxes can be classified as a federal crime punishable as a misdemeanor or felony (26 U.S. Code § 7203 – Willful failure to file a return, supply information, or pay tax).
  • The IRS has just assessed taxes on you.
  • You owe back taxes, and the IRS has not come after you yet. In time they will.

If you are dealing with any of these scenarios without having a tax resolution plan affording you the best course of action based on your circumstances, you could, unfortunately, make a bad situation worse.

Why Should I Use a Tax Resolution Firm?

Once your taxes have been assessed, and if left unpaid, the IRS will enforce collections which involve charging you at a high monthly interest rate, assigning the highest allowable penalties and fees, and could aim to go after equity you have in assets, garnish wages, levy bank accounts, deny the use of passport, and even seek a judgment to foreclose on your property. You can avert such actions by enlisting professional tax help to employ various alternative tax resolution options. Tax resolution professionals deal directly with the IRS to obtain a workable solution to your situation. Tax resolution is a very specialized field requiring unique training and skill sets.

Introducing Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC – a professional, trusted, experienced BBB A+ rated IRS Tax Resolution Firm geared for only one thing – solving IRS tax problems. Here a multi-licensed tax attorney-CPA-IRS Enrolled Agent will thoroughly review what the IRS alleges you owe, establish the merits of the IRS’s position, and analyze your situation to determine which of the many IRS programs you may be eligible for. There is a solution to every IRS tax problem. Call today at 772-418-0949 or complete an online inquiry for a free consultation on how your tax situation can be addressed best.

Will the IRS Provide Help with My Outstanding Taxes?

The IRS’s mission is to collect from you as much as possible. Therefore, you cannot depend on the IRS for your best interest. Even if the IRS mentions any of its tax relief programs, you cannot rely on them to help select the most optimal one for your situation or provide guidance on navigating within a plan to obtain the best results fully. Dealing only with the IRS may result in you paying significantly more taxes, penalties, and interest. You may even inadvertently provide additional information to the IRS, worsening your situation. In addition, the IRS will not try to abate or lessen any penalties associated with your account. To the IRS, tax collection and enforcement are its primary functions, whereas getting you to arrive at the best outcome is not part of their protocol.

What are the Risks of Resolving My IRS Tax Problem on My Own?

Unless you thoroughly understand tax law and deal with the IRS, gaining experience in this realm by going alone could be a very costly and aggravating experience. A good question is whether your approach is the best one available. Would an IRS tax resolution expert come to the same conclusion you have? If you are getting some tax advice from someone, does that person have a strong background in dealing with the IRS? Many tax professionals can help prevent you from having to deal with the IRS by ensuring your tax returns are prepared correctly and offering tax advice; however, unless they have specific experience dealing with the IRS directly, they may not be able to guide you accurately as a tax resolution expert would when it comes to resolving an IRS tax controversy.

Speaking of IRS tax resolution experts, with Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC, you will deal directly with an IRS battle-tested tax resolution expert, Will Harmon, who happens to be a multi-licensed Fl tax attorney-CPA-IRS Enrolled Agent, ensuring complete representation. He will thoroughly review your situation, represent your rights to IRS, and establish a resolution plan enabling you to pay the least amount available within the optimal terms allowed under IRS administrative law. Call him for a free consultation at 772-418-0949 or complete the online inquiry form.

His goal is simple: providing a way to hold on to more of your resources instead of handing them over to the IRS. Investing in a trusted tax professional who knows the ins and outs of the IRS is the best way for you to hold onto your hard-earned resources. Unless you fully understand the IRS tax provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and the Internal Revenue Manual, know how to protect your taxpayer legal rights properly, and have experience advocating within the various levels of IRS bureaucracy, your chances of getting the best outcome are not very good.

To help provide a better understanding of the magnitude of the IRS’s overall tax processes, below is a depiction of the inner workings of the IRS. As you can see, navigating the IRS is not a simple walk in the park. Mistakes can be costly. Having skilled tax representation will help ensure you properly navigate the IRS system.

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Every IRS Tax Problem Has a Solution

Every situation is unique and requires a detailed analysis and investigation to determine the correct action. Regardless of your situation, your resolution starting point will be within the taxpayer roadmap. Most IRS tax problems fall under these scenarios:

  • There are ongoing collection efforts by the IRS for back taxes to which you have not responded, and now the IRS is possibly taking enhanced collection efforts against you such as enacting liens, performing bank account levies, making wage garnishments, revoking US passports, and even foreclosing on properties.
  • You have unfiled returns or owe back taxes, and IRS may not have contacted you yet.
  • The IRS has audited prior tax returns resulting in additional taxes and penalties.

Each one of these situations will place you in a spot within the IRS road map. Knowing where you are starting from is essential; however, that’s only one part of the solution because many other factors are needed to determine the best resolution outcome for your situation. A thorough investigation will need to be done to obtain the information required for the best resolution determination.

Harmon Tax Resolution Can Defend You Against IRS Aggressive Collections by Creating a Tailored Resolution Plan to Produce the Most Optimal Results Possible.

Can you imagine the futility of giving someone directions without knowing where they currently are, what got them there, and what resources they have to proceed forward? Accepting a tax resolution plan where no thorough investigation has been done could be an act of futility. Unfortunately, there are many tax mill firms out there who, without taking these investigative steps, will immediately assign a “cookie cutter” resolution option, which may not be best for your situation and up costing you considerably. To help you properly navigate the complex IRS road map, the tax resolution professional must obtain complete information about your case by thoroughly investigating your and IRS records.

Even though there are many IRS options to consider, the goal should always be to find the ideal one for your situation. Ideally, it would be best if you were afforded explanations of why one plan is better for your situation than another. This involves thoroughly analyzing the facts and circumstances surrounding your case BEFORE any resolution plans are compared and presented. At Harmon Tax Resolution, a thorough analysis of the facts and circumstances of your case will enable you to thoroughly explain why a resolution plan should be selected from other options.

There is a solution to every IRS tax problem. Getting to the right solution is what counts. By having multi-licensed tax professional research your case from all angles, you can ensure not to have items overlooked because many tax resolution cases often require expert knowledge across various disciplines in realms of law, tax expertise, accounting, and auditing to arrive at the best outcome. At Harmon Tax Resolution, you are afforded this to have a sense of security and peace of mind. As we have done for others, we can do the same for you!

Benefits of Working with the Harmon Tax Resolution

  • Have resolved many IRS tax cases.
  • Have saved our clients significantly in back taxes.
  • From start to finish, you will have a dedicated multi-licensed tax attorney-CPA- IRS Enrolled Agent working on your case to ensure your case gets complete representation available and nothing gets overlooked.
  • The fee structure is transparently based on flat fees, so no surprises and payment plans are available.
  • Client Attorney Privileged communications along with professional respect and empathy.
  • BBB A+ Rated.
  • Have many five-star customer reviews.
  • Licensed to work in all fifty states of the USA.
  • Our initial consultation is always 100% free.
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To ensure that you align yourself with the best possible tax resolution outcome, have an experienced tax professional provide expert guidance to get you there. Call today (772-418-0949), or complete an online inquiry form for a free consultation with experienced IRS Resolution Tax Attorney-CPA-EA, Will Harmon of Harmon Tax Resolution, LLC. He will handle your IRS tax issue so you can put this behind you and do the things that matter most.

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